by rubberbrain

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All songs written, recorded, and produced by Brad Johnson


released July 6, 2016

Brad Johnson - Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards
Haven Dlott - Cello
Michael Viera - Drums
Teddy Soulopulos - Bass

Special thanks to Kayla Lake for the album artwork



all rights reserved


rubberbrain San Luis Obispo, California

hi i'm brad. i make the things

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Track Name: All Alone
I never thought you'd be the one to change
Last time I checked you had a new face

You are on your own
Feel you're alone
Track Name: Worthy
So you think you're worthy all the time
You control your own life
You've got it coming, you'll be fine
Let it ring til you die

I can't believe you stayed in line
Keep waiting here you'll see the light
You've been floating out there for some time
I know you and I know you'll hide

You won't go down without a fight
Try to follow what you think is right
Can't care enough to crowd your sight
Living through your dreams in the night
Track Name: Isolate
There's nothing for you in the end
But you'll spend your life trying to
Defend what you believe is peace
But you can't see that shit won't work for me

We come and go all too fast
But you can't think this will last
You won't get far if you won't let go
You're afraid there's nothing left to show

Lock your doors and get some rest
It's hard to see how you've been blessed
Sleeping in but won't go out
Your own worst fear will be your doubt

Little lies, and smaller cries
Your eyes are red and you know why
Waiting for the sky to change
But you know best the world won't work that way
Track Name: Skin and Bones
Every time you realize
There's a light in your eyes
Don't forget why you try
Let your sights exceed the sky
There's a place, and there's a time
Please be patient you'll find your sign
Anytime, anywhere
You can feel the music in the air

This time it's real
You saw it coming
You tried to feel
But you kept drowning
Track Name: Dead to Me
You're in too deep, but you didn't even know it

You're self absorbed, you're paranoid
You're dead to me

Acted like you didn't even notice

Your will is gone, the pain is strong
You're dead to me

You live in fear, you're insecure
You're dead to me
Your life's a chore, you're such a bore
You're dead to me
Track Name: Escape
You never tried to feel like you had it in you
Kept to the sidelines where you would never feel the pain

It all feels the same
You never will escape

Don't try to lie to find out what is coming
Stick to your guidelines, that way you'll always be the same

It all feels the same
You never will escape
Track Name: Speak Up
Some would say he's shy but they never really knew him
He was tired of his life and the people who had screwed him
Nihilism in his eyes, no one saw them burning
He knew just where to hide but it wasn't where he wanted to go

Why does everybody have to know?
Why does everybody need to know?

Let it speak for itself
Even if it's just a whisper

Do your best to make some waves
You're gone either way
Soon enough you'll leave this place
So let your mind run free
Don't give in to what they say
They'll never look out for you
It's up to you to see things through and make those dreams come true
Track Name: Hopeful Thinking
So now I find myself alone again
While you're searching for the newest trend
I can't deny you're always in my head
Remind myself what you said

Our love, our love is gonna last
We've grown since our past